Saturday, 30 March 2013

DAP can’t even count up to 2000, how can they count billions?


DAP is not capable.  FULLSTOP!!!!!!  

This article could be that short, but that might caused the DAP members to miss the points.   

The point is, one must be very racist, irrational or insane to continue supporting a party that couldn’t even count less than 2000 votes in their Central Executive Committee election.   And since the party can’t even count up to 2000, how do you expect them to count millions or billions or ringgit?   If they can’t count, how can they be given the mandate to lead a state, what more a country?  

Because of DAP’s incapability, the cost for the mega tunnel which was announced at RM4.08 billion is now at RM6.3 billion.  So much of the bragging, about open tender having enabled the cost to reduce from the original RM8 billion.  

Flashback to the CEC election, the ‘computer’ had sabotaged DAP and caused hundreds of votes to disappear.  And in this mega project, the ‘computer’ had again played trick on DAP and caused some RM2.25 billion to ‘appear’ out of nowhere.   

If it’s not mathematic that is the problem, then it must be that DAP isn’t computer savvy.   

Or else, DAP wouldn’t be making a ‘typo error’ because they don’t even have to type the numbers out.  The numbers would have been automatically calculated by the computer.  In the case of not wanting to show the whole worksheet, all the ‘humans’ need to do is pick the automatically calculated total, and fill in their working papers or statements or presentations for other to see.  

How complicated could it be to just copy the total and not the whole calculation?  

If it is really a typo error, then the names ‘Annie and Party’, ‘Pinny’, ‘Davy’, ‘Jimmy’ and ‘Terry’ that came out in the ‘paperwork’ of the project as exposed earlier, could also be ‘typo errors’.  Couldn’t it?  

After years of calling UMNO as backwards, the Malays as slow, stupid and lazy, it is finally proven that DAP is the one who is a slow learner - even dumb.   But at least, we are saved from the standard obnoxious excuse that all the miscalculations are UMNO’s fault.  

For the record, this so-called slow, stupid, lazy, racist UMNO Malays have been ruling this country for years  like Guan Eng did.  In case Guan Eng didn’t realize, it is the same UMNO that leads Malaysia to what it is today where the Chinese and other races are free to grab opportunities and become tycoons.

Have been rulling without any records of stupid dumb mistakes

Instead of being embarrassed and ashamed, Lim Guan Eng called those who pointed his ‘errors’ out as un-professionals!   Therefore, I started to wonder whether DAP too, has a problem with English.  

It is becoming more obvious that Lim Guan Eng is not very smart.  He has better take up a computer course, repeat his studies in mathematics or accountings and polish his English before contesting in the upcoming election.  

Guan Eng should know that mistakes in presenting the cost of a mega project that would affect the tax-payers are simply, absolutely, unacceptable.  Bear in mind that Lim Guan Eng is not running some small grocery business in a shop-house, he is running a state.  He is not talking about his household budget – his son’s pocket money or his wife’s kitchen expenses.  But he is talking about a controversial mega tunnel worth billions, if not votes to select the people to help him run the state.  

oooo.....mistake again!

These are only few ‘mistakes’ or ‘errors’ that we are able to detect.  I wonder what would we find if we could put our hands in the Penang State’s administration and scrutinize all the numbers.  And I can’t imagine how many ‘typo errors’ or ‘computer problems’ that we could find if we do the same to DAP’s administration.   


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